Forensic engineers specializing in building envelope consulting, construction litigation, and insurance investigations

Moore Hackney & Associates (MHA) is an engineering solutions company founded in 2012 to create a group that specializes in building envelope, structural, roofing, civil design and construction consulting. MHA’s founding partners have worked together for over 25 years and have provided practical, cost-effective evaluations, testing, design solutions and construction administration for faulty or failed building systems for over 30 years.

Licensed throughout the southeast and Gulf Coast states, MHA has a staff consisting of professional engineers, registered roof consultants, registered waterproofing consultants, and exterior wall consultants. In fact, MHA has more registered exterior wall consultants than any other firm in North Carolina – a necessity because MHA completes a peer review on all reports and designs.

MHA’s non-biased approach towards investigation and evaluation has led insurance companies, attorneys, contractors, developers, and owners associations to us because we provide an objective analysis of complex design and construction deficiencies. We are experienced in identifying root issues, but we take pride in creating workable solutions.

Beyond our company walls, MHA believes in community and relationships. We volunteer locally and we strive to continue creating long-lasting relationships and earning the respect of our vendors, clients, and neighbors.


Richard H. Moore


o: 704.815.0732

e: rmoore@moorehackney.com

Rick Moore has over 30 years of experience as a forensic engineer and a building envelope consultant. He has a wide range of expertise in roofing, building envelopes evaluation, facility construction assessment; construction management; structural damage and roof damage assessment and inspection (including historic structures); and project management. Mr. Moore has extensive experience investigating property damage and loss, has handled insurance company claims, and provided expert testimony and appraisal services. He has conducted hundreds of investigations of damage caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires. Mr. Moore has prepared cost estimates and plans and specifications for structural designs and roof repairs. He also prepares reports and repair recommendations for commercial, industrial, residential, and government structures and is a Fellow at the National Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Louis A. Hackney


o: 704.815.0731

e: lhackney@moorehackney.com

Louis Hackney has over 17 years’ experience as an engineering consultant. He is experienced in forensic investigations, facility condition assessments, construction phase services, civil design, roofing, waterproofing, and project management. Mr. Hackney has experience investigating property damage and loss, insurance company claims, and provided expert testimony. Mr. Hackney has prepared planning reports, designs, specifications, cost opinions, and contract documents for new construction and repair projects. He has also worked for the North Carolina Department of Transportation as part of one of their roadway and survey construction units, and as a field engineer for Tidewater Construction Company.

Joseph H. Walker


o: 704.815.0733

e: jwalker@moorehackney.com

Mr. Walker’s work experience includes investigation, testing, and design associated with property damage and loss, insurance company claims evaluations, pavement rehabilitation, and property condition assessments. He has conducted structural inspections and evaluations for moisture intrusion, as well as investigations involving roofs, walls, foundations, windows, sealants, flashing, plumbing and exterior drainage. He also is experienced in roof/building envelope damage assessments and civil engineering design. Mr. Walker prepares cost estimates and plans and specifications for structural designs and roof repairs. He also is experienced in the preparation of reports and repair recommendations for commercial and residential property.

Kyle, J. Villella


o: 704.815.0734

e: kvillella@moorehackney.com

Kyle Villella has over 12 years of experience as a consulting engineer and building envelope professional.  Mr. Villella’s work experience includes investigation, testing, and design associated with property damage and loss, insurance claims evaluations, property condition assessments, pavement rehabilitation, and site/civil engineering design. He has been involved in structural assessments and evaluations of residential and commercial structures, including the investigation of moisture intrusion and the inspections of roofs, walls, foundations, and building envelopes. He also is experienced in roof/building envelope damage assessments, bridge condition assessments, pavement evaluations and general site/civil design. Mr. Villella prepares plans, specifications, and cost estimates for structural designs and building envelope repairs. He is also experienced in the preparation of reports and repair recommendations for commercial and residential property.

Nicholas J. Baker

Senior Project Manager

o: 704.815.0736

e: nbaker@moorehackney.com

Nick has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry.  While working for a general contractor, Nick was involved in all aspects of building construction including conceptual design, estimating, bidding, value engineering, preparing and awarding contracts, scheduling, project management, building commissioning and project closeout.   Nick is well-versed in dealing with all types of construction documents including plans & specifications, contracts, material approvals, etc.  While working for a geotechnical consulting firm Nick was involved in soil boring and preparation of soils reports, evaluation and design of both deep and shallow foundations and construction materials testing for commercial and municipal buildings.  Nick has also held certifications as an ACI concrete testing technician, and as a special inspector for various building fire endurance and structural components.  Nick’s work experience at MHA includes investigation and testing of building envelope systems, and preparing reports and repair recommendations.  Nick also prepares cost estimates for repair work, and provides contract administration services.


Our engineers are rigorously trained and tested to exceed industry standards

Certified, International Board of Forensic Engineering Sciences
Registered Roof Consultant, IIBEC
Registered Waterproofing Consultant, IIBEC
Registered Roof Observer, IIBEC
Construction Documents Technologist, CSI
Certified Roof Inspector—Commercial & Residential, HAAG
Registered Exterior Wall Consultant, IIBEC
Registered Exterior Building Envelope Consultant, IIBEC
Certified Level 1 Unbonded PT Inspector, PTI
Certified Uplift Test Specialist, CCE